We bought our tickets! Wheels up March 26!! As the clock ticks away our last days in the mitten, we are thinking about all the plans we had for our lives and how our steps were guided…. in quite the opposite direction!


Exhibit A –


Two years ago we were in the process of buying an old building in town that had once been the meat market for our family’s farm. We dreamed of having a coffee shop in Central Lake, a place for people to gather and hang out. We had it planned to rent other portions of the building, so our mortgage would be covered, and we could have the community space. As we were negotiating who would pay the inspection costs of the building, the gal next door swooped in and payed the asking price of the building! We were dumbfounded – mind you, no one had even looked at this abandoned building in at least three years. Apparently, the Lord had other things in mind for us. And true to his nature, He enjoys a twist of fates with a happy ending… So we are now staying in that very abandoned building, which the owner has completely remodeled beautifully and offered for us to stay here until we leave!


Just as He has guided our steps, He has also prepared us in ways we didn’t even realize we needed preparing. One simple example is in our training in Colorado, we spent some time learning about living in paradox. Being super excited to be five weeks away from moving and being completely brokenhearted to leave our families. Being excited to start language school and feeling sick at the overwhelming thought of a tonal language with a completely different alphabet. Fern uses the illustration of a “pair-of-ducks”, instead of a paradox. One duck is the “yay duck” – excited for mangoes and sticky rice, the other is the “yuk duck” – sad to leave our friends, family, and critters. So that’s how we are feeling about these tickets in our hands – pumped that it’s here!! And terrified that it’s here!!


Andrew resigned this week from his job as the township treasurer, which was a major yuk duck for him. So hard to step away from a job and co-workers he has truly come to love. But he’s trusting in the steps that the Lord is guiding us in. And walking off what feels like the edge…

Likely the next time you hear from us will just be a quick note to let you know we’ve arrived in the Land of Smiles safely. In our training, we also learned the importance of taking time away from social media and email, to really let our roots grow deep in our new community. So we’ll be majorly scaling back our connection online for the first two months or so. We’ll be sure to let you all know we are alive – which may just look like a quick photo posted on Instagram or even just a waving emoji! We’ll also let you know different ways you can pray for us as they come up. And please let us know how we can pray for you as well!


For now, please pray for good goodbyes and good hellos in our new community. Pray for those we are leaving, that they’ll know the comfort that only Jesus can give. Pray for just the right place for us to live – lots of children, cats, and outdoor space for Fern! Please pray for friends for us all in our new community. Our desire is to learn the language and culture well so that we can serve well.


Thank you all who have joined our support team in one way or another over this last year. We are so grateful for you all. If you aren’t currently part of our support team, and would like to know more, please get in touch with us!

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