It’s Not Us!

It’s Not Us!

We are struck by how well we are cared for by the Lord. Even when things are hard on this journey, the Lord has brought people into our lives who believe in us, sometimes these people barely know us, but they believe in us. We are CERTAIN that it’s not because of us, or anything we’ve done, but because of Jesus living through us. Please hear me say – zero credit here!!

Jesus’s way is crazy (and we have that part down!) and attractive, because its counterculture to us. He SAYS to sell all your things and give the money to the poor. He SAYS not to store up your things on earth. They’ll rust and moths will eat your J. Crew sweater. That stuff is easy for us.

However the rubber meets the road in Mark 10:29 when he says to leave your fields, father, mother, brother, and sister. That’s where it gets hard for us. God has taken care of us leaving our fields – we signed a lease this weekend with two of the most promising new farmer’s I’ve ever met. Their desire is to provide healthy food for our community and they adore our farm, which is an absolute answer to prayer. I *know* that the God who hears our prayers and says He catches our tears in a bottle, will not leave us hanging when it comes to leaving our families.

Next month we head to Thailand for three weeks to visit different communities there and ask the Lord for direction. Our experience in India this summer was so great that my fears for this trip are minimal, and mostly surround our off-brand Eastern China Airways flights having in-seat entertainment or not! Fern felt at home from the minute we landed in India. She told me as we got off the plane, “I’m going to have WAY more friends than you, mom.” Boy was she right. Within minutes she was already buddies with a girl in the baggage area! Because of her outgoing personality we spent an evening in an Indian home our third night there. She made a friend and they insisted we eat dinner with them – which was served at 10pm! Toward the end of our trip, when we were talking about going home, she told us “I don’t know why we are leaving. Our stomachs are used to the food and we love India!” Of course she was in it for the stray animals and auto-rickshaws! Now her conversations revolving travel typically begin with “when we move to Thailand…..can I get a goat?”

Thank you all for your love, your encouragement, your support, and the many ways you all live like Jesus.

Andrew, Maggy, and Fern

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