Off to India

Off to India

And off we go! We fly Monday afternoon out of Chicago to INDIA!

While at MSU, I (Maggy) had the pleasure of living with quite the Indian gal…that I met online! In what can only be explained by being God’s plan, we hit it off and became lifelong friends. She was also my cultural guide as I lived in international housing. Now, as each raise a girl on separate continents, we sneak visits in whenever the stars align! And the stars are aligning on our flight to India! We have a 12 hour layover in London, where she lives with her family now. Which means we spend the day with my dear Chandni and meet her sweet girl.

From there we fly to New Delhi and on to Goa, where her parents are graciously hosting us. Though they will be in the US while we are there, they offered us their place to stay. All the guide books say it takes a few days to get your belly used to India, so we planned this extra time for that.

Next comes an overnight bus trip to Bangalore, where we will begin our cross-cultural training with TMS Global. We are excited to reconnect with everyone and see what they have planned for us.

After training, we were invited up to Siliguri and Darjeeling to visit two other TMS teams working in those areas.

We are so excited for this experience and are so thankful for everyone who has been encouraging to us along the path.

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