We’ve Arrived in ‘The Big Mango’!!

We’ve Arrived in ‘The Big Mango’!!

Well, we’ve done some crazy things… but moving our family internationally takes the cake. We flew out Sunday – whatever that means in our fog of long flights, too many good movies on the seat back tvs, and jet lag (which can be contagious, by the way… according to the five year old medical professional we know)

I’d like to just fill this newsletter with pictures. For several reasons. We were swarmed with people who love us and support us all week, some we have photos with, others just special memories. We are so thankful for each hug and prayer, and tear that doesn’t go unnoticed by the Father.


The other reason I want to fill this newsletter with photos is because we plan to *try* to go dark on social media for the first two months or so we are here. The point isn’t to keep ya’ll wondering or to make our separation more real, but to change our habits. Instead of turning into our phones and seeking Facebook as a source of connection, we want to turn our eyes upward and go outside to sit and visit with the fruit woman and her kids. Not only will this help us make local friends faster, it will help us adjust to our new home and cruise through culture shock with style… or at least with mangoes.

All that being said, we are available via Facebook messenger or WhatsApp if you do need or want to connect with us. And if Fern adopts a stray animal, you bet your bippy I’ll post a photo 🙂

Coffee to go!!

Thank you all for your support. We have been truly carried by you and your prayers. Please continue to ask for comfort for our families. And now for us to find an apartment!! ?

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